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Next RPSC Meeting

April 19, 2016

Meeting Agenda

RPSC will meet with the City of Vancouver’s Director or Planning to discuss critical issues that have evolved from Phases 1 and 2 of the Cambie Corridor Redevelopment process.

Time: 7:00 pm
Place: Hillcrest Centre
Room: 320

All members of the public are welcome to attend.



Two important sites within the Cambie Corridor concern Riley Park South Cambie Community Visions Committee because of their Heritage value.

  1. Milton Wong House–located within the package of homes on Cambie (4976-5010 Cambie), Heritage Vancouver has identified the Wong house to have heritage value. The single family home is, according to heritage specialists, an excellent example of West Coast modern architecture of the late 1950s. Its garden was planned by renowned landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander.  Now owned by Pennyfarthing Development, the developer has agreed to preserve the house in return for additional height and density in an adjoining building (7 floors and total height of 90 ft. which is well above the Cambie Corridor Phase 2 guidelines).
  2. Oakridge United Church, built in 1949 at 350 W. 41st, has been sold to Townline Development, which is part of the Ilych Development company. Heritage Vancouver believes that the building should not be torn down as planned and retained as [...]

The northeast quadrant area refers to the single family houses between Main St. and Quebec and from 33rd Ave. to 35th Ave. The area lies immediately adjacent to the Little Mountain Social housing site on the east side between 33rd and 35th Avenues and Main to Quebec Streets.

There are now five redevelopment projects in various stages of progress within the area adjoining the Little Mountain site.

See  for details of projects that are still at the proposal stage on Quebec St., 35th St. and Main St. within the quadrant.



Following the demolition of the Riley Park Community Centre, Park Board commissioned staff to consult with the public before finalizing the Master Plan for the redevelopment of  Riley Park. Parks staff met with area residents  three times in 2012-2013.

Finally, after three full years, Park Board is proceeding with returning all of Riley Park to public use. Actual work on the redevelopment of Riley Park has now begun.

Here are some developments in the “New” Riley Park process:

* the master plan for Riley Park as approved in May 2015 stands and will not be changed. * requests for tender for the fieldhouse will be presented to the park board in January and go out to the public in February. * the design team came up with some changes to the proposed plan presented by Rob in July 2015.

The RPSC continues to work with the community and Parks Board to ensure that Riley Park is restored [...]

There are approximately twenty five redevelopment projects planned or in progress within the area of  the Cambie Corridor (25th to 41st Ave. and Oak to Fraser Streets).

You can obtain updates on  Development Proposals in Vancouver including all of those along the Cambie Corridor and within the Riley Park South Cambie region through this the City of Vancouver website.

As of December 2015, the Rezoning Application Process for the Little Mountain site has resumed. The Developer remains Holborn Group and it has agreed to all of the stipulated requirements that the City wants fulfilled. Two public Open Houses were held in late November and Early December 2015. Details of the planned site can be found at: You can still provide your feedback on the proposed plan at Planning Department’s Online Questionnaire  Some key elements of the planned development include:
  • 20 individual buildings with two twelve-story towers included
  • restoration of previous 228 social housing units plus addition of 10 new ones (52 have already been built)
  • 48 units of rental housing targeted at lower income families
  • 1400-1450 units of market condominiums
  • a new Little Mountain Neighbourhood House
  • a new day-care centre [...]
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