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Little Mountain Redevelopment Resumes

As of December 2017, the Rezoning Application Process has been approved. The Developer remains Holborn Group and it has agreed to all of the stipulated requirements that the City wants fulfilled.

Some key elements of the planned development include:

  • 19 individual buildings with two twelve-story towers included

  • restoration of previous 224 social housing units plus 10 new ones (52 have already been built)

  • 48 units of rental housing targeted at lower income families

  • 1400-1450 units of market condominiums

  • a new Little Mountain Neighbourhood House

  • a new day-care centre

  • several shops on Main

The proposed project will likely commence construction in 2018. Construction will take place in 5 phases spread over ten years, and will start with the property immediately facing Main St. at 37th Ave. Approximately four buildings will be added in each phase.


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