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Reconstruction of Riley Park Begins

Following the demolition of the Riley Park Community Centre, Park Board commissioned staff to consult with the public before finalizing the Master Plan for the redevelopment of  Riley Park. Parks staff met with area residents  three times in 2012-2013.

Finally, after three full years, Park Board is proceeding with returning all of Riley Park to public use. Actual work on the redevelopment of Riley Park has now begun.

Here are some developments in the “New” Riley Park process:

* the master plan for Riley Park as approved in May 2015 stands and will not be changed.
* requests for tender for the fieldhouse will be presented to the park board in January and go out to the public in February.
* the design team came up with some changes to the proposed plan presented by Rob in July 2015.

The RPSC continues to work with the community and Parks Board to ensure that Riley Park is restored as soon as possible, but wants to the Park Board to honour the Master Plan that it approved.

To see Park Board staff’s report and recommendations go to:



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