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Heritage Sites in Cambie Corridor

Two important sites within the Cambie Corridor concern Riley Park South Cambie Community Visions Committee because of their Heritage value.

  1. Milton Wong House–located within the package of homes on Cambie (4976-5010 Cambie), Heritage Vancouver has identified the Wong house to have heritage value. The single family home is, according to heritage specialists, an excellent example of West Coast modern architecture of the late 1950s. Its garden was planned by renowned landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander.  Now owned by Pennyfarthing Development, the developer has agreed to preserve the house in return for additional height and density in an adjoining building (7 floors and total height of 90 ft. which is well above the Cambie Corridor Phase 2 guidelines).
  2. Oakridge United Church, built in 1949 at 350 W. 41st, has been sold to Townline Development, which is part of the Ilych Development company. Heritage Vancouver believes that the building should not be torn down as planned and retained as a social amenity for the community due to its inherent architectural value. It is considered to be an excellent example of  Gothic Revival  style that is worth preserving.  It is on the Society’s Top Ten list of buildings to be preserved in 2015.  

RPSC is engaged with the City on both accounts, and has written to City officials to express the community’s concerns in regard to the preservation of both sites.

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