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UBC Economics Students’ Research on Behalf of RPSC

In the winter term of 2021 five groups of UBC students enrolled in Econ 364-A  completed research reports on urban development issues at the request of RPSC.  You will find their reports below.


1. Investigation in Financial Structure of RPSC Housing Developments Investigation into Financial Structure of RPSC Developments

2. Promoting the Retention of Small Independent Retailers in the RPSC Area Final Report_Improving SIR Retention in RPSC

3. Research into Saving Fairmont Building ECON 364A_ Final Report-2

4. Inventory of Retail Diversity Final Project Report

5. New Retail in RPSC Re-development RPSC_Project2_FinalReport

Thanks to the 20 students and Prof. Catherine Douglas who instructs Economics 364A.


                           2020 Research Studies

1. The Role of CACs in the Redevelopment of RPSC-


2. Vancouver’s Housing Strategy and Its Impact in the RPSC AreaReview of Vancouver Housing Strategy

Thanks to those six students and to Professor Catherine Douglas for their work and assistance on topics of interest to our community.



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