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Roof Top Images in RPSC Area

Roof Tops in RPSC/Cambie Corridor

 The attached pdf shows a number of new condo structures in RPSC from 41stto King Ed. RPSC Building Superstructures

 The first four images are of buildings along Quebec adjacent to Little Mt. Housing site. They illustrate the differences in “superstructure” or the kinds of structure on the roof that are being built.  You will see that some have very little superstructure while others have major elements added.  In short, some buildings have a tall box for the elevator while others do not plus other features.

 Image 5 is Pennyfarthing on Cambie adjacent to Wong house. It is 7 stories plus.  Note the extensive addition in the form of an amenity space and the tower for the elevator on the roof. It is now an eight story building. 

 Image 6 is at 33rdand Cambie adjacent to Pennyfarthing. It has considerably less on top until you get to the north end where the elevator box is located. Note how it juts up and has an additional box as well. Not sure what it houses.

 Image 7 is on King Ed across from QE Park.  The profile of the building on top is well integrated into the structure.

 Image 8 at King Ed and Ash.  Four stories going on six!  Note extensive structure around elevator tower and the garden space. 

 Image 9. Looking east on King Ed to Cambie intersection. The tall building is the Canada line building, which is 7 stories with boxes on top.

 Image 10. Looking east on 41stacross from Oakridge Centre at Willow.  Roof has large box for elevator shaft and enclosed space. Size of elevator space implies that it is also amenity space perhaps.

 Image 10. Also looking east on 41stat Oakridge. Note huge yellow square on top of building, which is added as an architectural feature that intrudes into air space along the street.  In the foreground to west of yellow square, is a building that illustrates typical roof top usage.

 Image 11 is at Elizabeth and 41st. This six floor building is the former United Church site.  Note the two large structures on the roof. This forms a seventh floor. 




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