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Holborn Appeals FOI Decision–Oct.28, 2020


 Holborn Properties, the giant international development company that owns the privatized former Little Mountain Social Housing site in Vancouver has applied for judicial review of the Freedom Of Information decision ordering their contract with BC Housing to be made public.

“It’s another attempt to hide the details of the contract,” said former MLA David Chudnovsky whose application for FOI began the process.  (CBC Producer Jeremy Allingham subsequently made the same request for FOI.)

Chudnovsky commented, “They’re stalling again.  We’ve been asking to see the details of the deal for 13 years.  What have they got to hide?  We need to know why a thriving and successful social housing community was demolished and how it’s possible that the site is still a huge vacant lot.”

In September a Freedom Of Information Adjudicator ordered BC Housing to release the full contract to Chudnovsky (and Allingham).  Holborn’s appeal to the BC Supreme Court could delay release of the contract for up to 120 days.

Holborn is represented by Fasken, the largest law firm in British Columbia with 140 lawyers.

“We’re not going away,” said Chudnovsky.  “The former residents of Little Mountain deserve to know what happened here, why their lives were disrupted and their community destroyed. I will resist Holborn’s application to the court and so will the thousands and thousands of Vancouverites who continue to demand justice for Little Mountain.”

 For more information call David Chudnovsky : 604 874 1089    or    604 329 1734


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