Redevelopment Guidelines

The Guidelines for the Redevelopment of Riley Park–South Cambie (2016) has been prepared by members of the Riley Park South Cambie Community Vision Committee (RPSC-CVC). It expands on the Directions set forth in the Riley Park South Cambie Community Vision document of 2005. The current document, which the RPSC-CVC considers to be a living instrument, synthesizes much of the collective effort of the RPSC-CVC over the last ten years.

The sections that follow capture community members’ suggestions as to how to keep our neighbourhoods liveable and sustainable in the face of unprecedented change and redevelopment. Sections include:

  1. Standard Terminology and Definitions in Redevelopment
  2. Affordability
  3. Redevelopment as a “Physical Fit” for RPSC
  4. Transition from Neighbourhoods of Detached Homes to Multiple-Unit Housing and High-Density Sites
  5. Building Heights
  6. Building Setbacks and Stepbacks
  7. Floor Space Ratio
  8. Social Amenities in RPSC
  9. Ecological Footprint and Green Spaces
  10. Environmentally Sustainable Redevelopment
  11. Management of Transit, Traffic, and Parking
  12. Walkable Communities
  13. Heritage and Character
  14. Concluding Remarks

This ideas, guidelines and principles put forward in the document:

  1. provide city officials with ideas and standards for managing the development process in a more orderly and comprehensive manner;
  2. provide the development industry with specific standards that the RPSC-CVC expects new housing in the area to meet;
  3. help preserve, as deliniated in the earlier Community Vision some of the most important physical qualities and general characteristics;
  4. and preserve a sense of neighbourhood and community in RPSC.
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