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On August 31, 2021 the contract between the Province of British Columbia and Holborn International for the purchase of the former Little Mountain Social Housing site was made public.

To view the unreacted final version of the agreement, click on this link–Little Mountain Sales Agreement

Just last week I watched as two houses were demolished and 17 trees cut between 27th and 26th on Cambie, east side. See photos. The houses were old growth timbers, and some of the beams were incredible…and totally destroyed under the excavator. The disregard and waste was evident as the excavator also pulverized most of the trees, saving only the lower portion of the trunk for sale. Douglas Fir, Cedar, Spruce, Hemlock….fruit trees and large flowering shrubs…stacks of barely used plywood (having been used to board up the windows) being crushed (are you aware of the cost of a single sheet of plywood these days? around $100!!) And all this so ironic given the actions that are currently happening to save the last old growth forests

To see the photos I took, click on this link. Naomi’s photos


Naomi Steinberg.

RPSC Steering Committee Meeting Date: Sept. 15, Wednesday Time: 7:00 pm To Join Zoom Meeting—contact Agenda: TBA


Everyone is Welcome!


In October 2020 City of Vancouver announced its latest climate emergency plan.  You will find the document here: Climate Emergency Action PLan



 Holborn Properties, the giant international development company that owns the privatized former Little Mountain Social Housing site in Vancouver has applied for judicial review of the Freedom Of Information decision ordering their contract with BC Housing to be made public.

“It’s another attempt to hide the details of the contract,” said former MLA David Chudnovsky whose application for FOI began the process.  (CBC Producer Jeremy Allingham subsequently made the same request for FOI.)

Chudnovsky commented, “They’re stalling again.  We’ve been asking to see the details of the deal for 13 years.  What have they got to hide?  We need to know why a thriving and successful social housing community was demolished and how it’s possible that the site is still a huge vacant lot.”

In September a Freedom Of Information Adjudicator ordered BC Housing to release the full contract to Chudnovsky (and Allingham).  Holborn’s appeal to the BC Supreme Court could [...]

RPSC has responded to the Vancouver Plan.  Below are two documents from RPSC. One is a letter to Mayor and Council expressing the group’s concerns. The second incorporates feedback to the Plan that it sent earlier to the Planning Department (Cory Dobson) following his attendance at a RPSC meeting.

RPSC to Mayor & Council re- Van. Plan

Vancouver Plan — ideas submitted to Cory Dobson


Balfour and Other New Re-developments in RPSC


  1.  Another large site will be coming on stream — the Balfour site.  ( Review RPSC Community Visions document, November 2005, Ch. 30, p. 65 (our website) and Cambie Corridor Plan, 2018, Ch. 6 Unique sites, pp. 153-161.)  RPSC has received the initial proposal for a rezoning submission from Wesgroup. Please review the attached material and forward your comments to Allan Buium  by  SEPTEMBER 4th. We will collate the responses and submit them to Wesgroup for discussion.

  1. Don’t forget to check out the revised proposal for the Oakridge Transit site — application, 949 West 41st Avenue…
  2. New Development at 33rd and Main—Here’s an item that you may find of interest — further rental redevelopment along Main St. —   (go to “development sites” then “under contract”, Main & East 33rd Ave.) –  It may be a good idea to review the City’s plans for future rentals along arterials as well as off– [...]
The presentation on the Queen Elizabeth Park Master Plan.  Take a few minutes to review the Plan and send your response, to the two Questions on p. 23, to Leila Todd.  The timeline is not included in the pdf but if you have specific questions ask Leila. Once community engagement proceeds, RPSC will be contacted.

Queen E Park Master Plan 


City of Vancouver Complete Streets Policy cfsc6-Presentation

Cambie Corridor Monitoring Report to City Council–March 2020 CCP3 – Report, 03_11_20

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