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Images of Cambie Redevelopment

Just last week I watched as two houses were demolished and 17 trees cut between 27th and 26th on Cambie, east side. See photos. The houses were old growth timbers, and some of the beams were incredible…and totally destroyed under the excavator. The disregard and waste was evident as the excavator also pulverized most of the trees, saving only the lower portion of the trunk for sale. Douglas Fir, Cedar, Spruce, Hemlock….fruit trees and large flowering shrubs…stacks of barely used plywood (having been used to board up the windows) being crushed (are you aware of the cost of a single sheet of plywood these days? around $100!!) And all this so ironic given the actions that are currently happening to save the last old growth forests

To see the photos I took, click on this link. Naomi’s photos


Naomi Steinberg.

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