The Housing and Development Sub-committee focuses on housing and development  projects within the RPSC area. The committee’s  activities include:

  • Promoting development in line with the RPSC Community Visions.
  • Promoting the provision of affordable housing options in the RPSC area
  • Monitoring and responding to large scale projects such as the Little Mountain Housing redevelopment
  • Encouraging diversity in housing to promote better use of space
  • Working with Planning Dept. staff in the development of Neighbourhood Centres
  • Encouraging local residents to take part in city-led consultations on redevelopment projects.

This region of Vancouver is home to some of the largest housing development projects in the city including:

  • Little Mountain Social Housing site,
  • RCMP Headquarters,
  • Oakridge Shopping Centre Redevelopment,
  • Cambie Corridor Redevelopment from 16th-41st ave.
  • Balfour Properties,
  • King Edward Mall,
  • St. Vincent’s Hospital,
  • BC Transit/Oakridge Bus facility


Information on development projects in the Riley Park and South Cambie areas can be found at:

For details of the Little Mountain Housing Planning Program, please view the PDF below:
LMH Working Group terms of reference draft1.pdf

If you would like to find out more about the Housing and Development Committee`s work, send an email to with the words `housing -development` in the subject line.

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