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Balfour and Other New Re-developments in RPSC

Balfour and Other New Re-developments in RPSC


  1.  Another large site will be coming on stream — the Balfour site.  ( Review RPSC Community Visions document, November 2005, Ch. 30, p. 65 (our website) and Cambie Corridor Plan, 2018, Ch. 6 Unique sites, pp. 153-161.)  RPSC has received the initial proposal for a rezoning submission from Wesgroup. Please review the attached material and forward your comments to Allan Buium  by  SEPTEMBER 4th. We will collate the responses and submit them to Wesgroup for discussion.

  1. Don’t forget to check out the revised proposal for the Oakridge Transit site — application, 949 West 41st Avenue…
  2. New Development at 33rd and Main—Here’s an item that you may find of interest — further rental redevelopment along Main St. —   (go to “development sites” then “under contract”, Main & East 33rd Ave.) –  It may be a good idea to review the City’s plans for future rentals along arterials as well as off– and type in “rentals on arterials”  SEARCH and scroll down to  — “PDF – New Rental Zones July 2020” and the item should appear. There are a few other items that will appear and may be of interest.



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